Discover our Remarkable Selection

At A+ Landscaping & Garden Center, we invite you to visit us and discover our remarkable selection of beautiful plants.

We carry hundreds of varieties of shrubs and trees – as well as flowering annuals and perennials. In addition, we stock hundreds of houseplants, seeds, tropical plants, vines, and garden decor.

Not only is there a wide selection – but there is superior quality.
That’s because we’re picky. We only want the best. Throughout the season, fresh shipments arrive every week at our nurseries. Then we take great care of these plants until they find a home in your garden.

We invite you to stop in and see the exceptional selection of beautiful plants that make A+ Garden Center one of the premiere nurseries in the country.

quotesquotesA+ did a fantastic job on our pavers, waterfall, and fireplace. The job was completed meticulously and on time. Jeremy and his crew were great to work with and open to our ideas. Overall, it was a great experience to work with A+!

Dale and Rhonda, Dale Chapin Building Contractor